today means nothing. today is just a ghost that’s haunting me.

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The older I get, the prouder I am to be a woman in the industry. When I was younger and running around all the time on tour, I don’t think I took the time to notice how being a woman in my position is really a gift. I want to make sure I utilize all that power. I was in Nepal for six days with UNICEF recently and it was so humbling to be immersed in someone else’s environment—I wish I could bottle that feeling up and bring it home with me. It was really empowering. So I think that’s what I’m most excited to share in my music and performance now—all the stuff that I’ve been living, because it’s been beautiful and awkward and authentic.

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Beyoncé and Lady Gaga

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ON THE RUN TOUR + Crazy In Love

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People don’t come to see freaks of the heat of the day. They come in the evening. When the darkness moves in and speaks of mystery. The unknown. When logic loosen up its vice grip and the imagination comes out to play. The night allows the stars to shine and we come alive.

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we’re all getting through it in our o w n  w a y .
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I bet nobody at your pool parties could do this
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