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If you are not  s c a r y, what kind of  m o n s t e r  are you?

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There is no such thing as f a t e.

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In real life, I’m so brutally honest that it almost works against me sometimes.

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I don’t really feel like I’ve made itI feel like I’m just a silly girl from Detroit that’s on a TV show. But there was a moment last summer at Comic-Con where I was taken aback. It was the first time we had to have security because there were masses and masses of fans, and that could be a security threat. I had a slight feeling like if they just reached me, things could get out of hand. That whole crazy fandom is insane.

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Female Robbery AU: Allison and Lydia have been robbing banks and stealing money for years. When the cops finally trace it back to Lydia, she takes the fall leaving Allison no choice but to get her out. 

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